Tom Ford: Designer, Provocateur, Film Director

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  • Following his stint as guest editor of Vanity Fair, jack of all trades Tom Ford makes his directorial debut with an adaptation of Isherwood's 1964 novel A Single Man, which will apparently star Colin Firth as said man. Julianne Moore and Jamie Bell are somehow involved. [E]
  • Speaking of auteurs, Kate Moss sells a "painting" at auction. "Painted in 2005-2006, it is a self-portrait in lipstick marked with her own lip prints and stains of her former boyfriend Pete Doherty's blood." [Telegraph]
  • She used to be a "short, flat-chested, bandy-legged schoolgirl." Weren't they all? [Daily Mail]
  • Unlike other awkward schoolgirls, a museum in Paris is doing a retrospective on her life and style.[WWD]
  • Andre Benjamin is a huge anglophile, vegetarian. [Guardian]
  • J. Crew rips off Gossip Girl aesthetic. They wish they were a parent's worst nightmare. [Deep Glamour]
  • For those who enjoy smelling like the dead, House of Creed premieres a new Jackie O. scent, "Love in Black," described as a "violet-Oriental." []
  • Yay! Everybody loves Issac's line for Liz Claiborne! [Reuters]
  • Elton John is finally auctioning that really expensive brooch. "It is designed in the form of the letter J and includes multiple old brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds. It also features five oval cut sapphires and a bombe cluster of circular-cut sapphires." [Telegraph]
  • Calvin Klein names new CEO. [WSJ]
  • Madrid Fashion Week KO'd by Milan. [WWD]
  • Marc Jacobs' boyfriend shows up somewhere without Marc Jacobs. [Observer]
  • Like everyone else in fashion, Burberry inexplicably "optimistic." [Reuters]
  • After a stab at going high-end, Nike leaves the elite swimwear market. [AP]
  • The Gap acquired women's sporswear brand Athleta. [FT]
  • Spanish chain Mango hits Iraq. No, not in the violent sense! [W]
  • Suits you can clean in the shower! Hey, that's already how we "iron..." [Reuters]
  • Another fashion week, another delightful Andre Leon Tally blooper! Having lost his luggage en route to Milan, the Vogue editor at XXL "had to wear the same Juicy Couture shorts and gray Ralph Lauren polo shirt to D&G this morning that he wore on the plane." [Fashionologie]

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