Top Model Alums Give Advice On Sex (Animal And Otherwise)

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For this very special episode of Pot Psychology, two former America's Next Top Model contestants join me and Rich in helping to solve readers' problems with an herbal remedy. (What will Tyra think!?) Lauren and Amis (whose real name is Amy, but was changed because there was already an Amy in the cast) from Cycle 10 help us tackle topics like bestiality, porn, and cougars. Got a burning question? Send it to (Please keep them short; they're verrrry hard to read when stoned.)


"My Girlfriend Got Fat And I Find Her Less Attractive Now." from Pot Psychology on Vimeo.

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HippieChick: Butter Is My Favorite Food

I watched this without any sound...and it just doesn't look appealing to me. :( I hope they just stick to tracie and rich from now on!