Must-read alert: Rebecca Traister of Salon has a paint-peelingly awesome rant about why people should stop feeling sorry for Sarah Palin, which basically boils down to: Palin's a grown woman, and she got herself into it. Oh, and obviously, it's sexist to suggest otherwise. (By the way, Rebecca and I will be taping a segment for BloggingHeads this Friday. Do you think we'll talk about women and the elections? Do you think there's any way her voice is nearly as high-pitched as mine?) [Salon]

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Okay, that didn't take long, now I'm mad.

You know, I'm no fan of any woman who has, in just three short weeks, basically ixnayed the possibility that some politico will "take a chance" on a woman in the foreseeable future.

But I, like Ta-Nehisi Coates, feel fucking alienated a lot of the time by a lot of the pseudo-intellectual sneering at her. Yeah, some of us didn't travel because we didn't have the money to do so. We had to get jobs. And it's hilarious to listen to so-called leftists complain that the right doesn't understand the need to level out opportunity and yet simultaneously claim that anyone who works hard enough in this country can just go to school and succeed! How is that different from saying "anyone who wants to work can get a job?"

Now, not all of us are on the ticket, of course, but is it so weird, so completely not understandable, that this person was just immensely flattered? That she made a mistake that she couldn't exactly just take back no matter what?

Does any of this mean you should vote for her? It does not. But it absolutely goddamn certainly does not mean you can't have empathy for someone who is, after all, another human being.