The title of homecoming queen usually goes to the Regina Georges of the world, but one Texas high school has crowned the right girl. Kristen Pass, 18, who was born with Down syndrome, was named homecoming queen on Friday night during half-time at Aledo High School football stadium. Kristen was one of three chosen from the senior class to vie for the title. The fathers of the nominees traditionally escort them to the game, but Kristen's dad passed away two years ago, so her grandfather, David Campbell, led her onstage. "She didn't say much [when she was crowned], she was too busy smiling," he said. "I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug and she was kind of letting it soak in. It got real when we got to the sidelines. All her friends came over and she was giving high-fives to everyone." [ABC News]


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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but as mom to a 16yo and 15yo in Small Town, TX, I have to say again that in no way do I believe this is a joke, or patronizing. If y'all could've seen our recent homecoming queen nominees, I think you'd have been as shocked as my husband and I were - they're just NEVER who you (as a jaded parent) think they'll be.

Not. One. Cheerleader.

Not. One. Athlete.

Not. One. Size-whatever-you'd-expect.

This isn't how it was in my HS in CT, but my kids are apparently growing up in an alternate universe, where the NICEST kids are the ones nominated.

Now, we did have some drama because one guy (football quarterback) wasn't nominated at all for king. So his parents (dad's a minister, mom's a teacher) demanded a re-count. When that didn't pan out, they demanded a re-VOTE. Then a re-count of the re-vote.

The poor kid was so embarrassed - he apparently didn't have anything to do with this, which doesn't surprise me, he's just kind of.. a drip. Not "mean or stuck-up" or "unpopular" or anything else truly negative... He just has an oddly opaque personality.

Of course, considering those same parents threw a royal fucking FIT when the track coach put my kiddo on the relay team instead of their kid, I'm not surprised. (When I say royal-fucking-fit, I mean, called meetings to have the coach fired, even though they WON the event.)