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Last night's annual At The Table dinner for Women Chefs & Restaurateurs was an awesome cause for the various women in culinary fields who attended, but, more to the point, the menu, contributed by 29 female chefs, sounds completely mouth-watering: "Savory highlights included Patti Jackson’s pork belly braciole with broccoli rabe, lobster rolls from Rebecca Charles of Pearl Oyster Bar, and vibrant buffalo mozzarella antipasti with air-cured beef, fresh marjoram, and coriander seed dressing from Katy Sparks. Meredith Kurtzman of Otto served coconut panna cotta with strawberry granita and lime curd, and Bobbie Lloyd of Magnolia filled the ballroom with mini cupcakes." Is it dinnertime yet? [Gothamist]


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This takes the fun right out of that cheap-ass McCormick chili mix I was getting ready to make.

That picture!

Although, pork belly does not sound yummy.