Sarah Palin Won't Save The Whales, So The Feds Do It Instead

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On her whirlwind "screw that species" tour through the Alaskan government, Sarah Palin's stance on animal rights has hit the news at least three times in recent months, with her stance on environmental protection (or lack thereof) for salmon, polar bears, and most recently, beluga whales, showcasing her unwillingness to address the environmental issues that have an impact on the creatures of Alaska. Sarah Palin might not think that animals need protection from mining, drilling, and global warming, but the Federal Government disagrees.Despite the objections of Gov. Palin, the Federal government announced yesterday that the beluga whale, the beautiful white species that all of us sang about in second grade, would be placed on the endangered species list. According to the New York Times, Palin "opposed the beluga listing in part because of its potential to restrict coastal and offshore oil and gas development." Because who needs whales when you can drill, baby, drill?!? The Times also states that Palin hates the whales because they're screwing up "other projects, including the expansion of the Port of Anchorage and a proposed bridge over Knik Arm that would connect Anchorage to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and Ms. Palin’s hometown, Wasilla." Oh, snap! Whales just busted up your Bridge to Nowhere! Baby Beluga FTW! While I don't think there's a "F*** the Whales" bumper sticker on the back of the Hate Talk Express, Palin often seems to place Alaskan energy innovation over species preservation, issuing a "issued a last-minute statement of opposition to a ballot measure that would have provided added protections for salmon from potential contamination from mining" in August of 2008 and claiming that her objection to adding polar bears to the endangered species list "is based on a comprehensive review by state wildlife officials of scientific information from a broad range of climate, ice and polar bear experts." Whew! That's good to know, Sarah. Seeing as you don't even believe that global warming is a man-made phenomenon, I'm glad you're there to ensure that the polar bears are well looked after! I suppose we shouldn't expect too much from a woman who shoots wolves from helicopters, but Sarah Palin's unwillingness to recognize the importance of each living thing on this earth makes it incredibly frustrating to listen to her preach about a "culture of life" for our country. Thankfully, the beluga whales will keep on living, for now, as long as there are people who recognize that once a species goes extinct, there's no bringing it back. You can drill to the bottom of the earth, you can build a bridge to eternity, but once a species is lost, it's gone, baby, gone. Whale Protection is Bolstered As Palin Objects[New York Times] Bearing Up [New York Times] Political Radar: Palin- Global Warming Not Man-Made[ABC News]


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I have always found it sadly funny that many of these conservative anti-choicers will kill you over the supposed humanity of a four cell embryo but don't care about the lives of creatures found to be intelligent with personalities (as science is starting to show).