Know a guy with stinky balls? Then maybe you should entreat him to use Man Junk, a new line of organic, $25 body washes designed specifically for scrotums. According to the Man Junk website, "Any product that's made to clean your neck, back, buttocks or legs isn't going to provide the specific levels of odor fighting and skin treatment that Man Junk does." The website also promises to increase a man's sex appeal with Man Junk acting as a "wingman," dispelling self-conscious fears of odor and irritation down there. So basically this stuff is just Summer's Eve for dudes with perhaps more douchiness. [AdWeek]


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Chris Braak

Huh. What's funny is that most guys are not self-conscious about odors "down there." Most guys probably hadn't even thought about it—until they saw the ads for MAN JUNK!

So, it's a product designed to treat self-consciousness, but, in order for them to sell it, they have to create self-consciousness in the first place.