A Face (And A Food) All The Internet Can Love

I am so confused, yet transfixed, by this video. It's a little boy with the biggest cheeks I've ever seen singing a song about cupcakes. But I can't tell if he's lip synching, or if he's even a little boy at all, because he does some intricate eyebrow moves toward the end of the clip that make me think he might be a little person, ala Andy Milonakis. Whatever the case, I can't stop watching his squishy lil face.
Sing Me The Cup Cake Song [Random Good Stuff]


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I cannot believe that people are finding this funny or cute. This child is SICK, people. His parents are sick too, in the head, for putting this up on the internet like it's REALLY HILARIOUS. So much for his dignity.

No normal kid would look like that. He is on medication, has an infection, mumps, or some other SERIOUS metabolic abnormality going on. I am NOT some killjoy who can't lighten up or doesn't think kids are cute: I'm a Registered Nurse who works in a clinic that serves an 85% pediatric case load. I have SEEN children like this that ended up DEAD.

I am SHOCKED at the heartless, uneducated ignorance the internet can sometimes promote. Shame on Jezebel for buying into it. I hope this kid grows up and sues his parents AND YouTube.