Mystery Product Boosts Confidence, Makes Women More "Feminine"

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A reader sent us an e-mail about an item called Waterworks. In the commercial for the product (embedded after the jump), a gorgeous woman of ambiguous ethnicity sits by a fountain as Frenchy-French accordian music plays. She says, "I'd like to talk about a problem most women don't like to talk about. Vaginal odor." Uh-oh! The camera cuts to the clasped hands of a man and woman, with two glasses of red wine. The model continues, "Millions of women suffer from it. It's embarrassing, and it can hurt your love life. In Europe, we use the water rinse of a bidet to solve some of the problem. You can solve the problem completely! With Waterworks, a natural water therapy." Lady, just admit it: It's a douche.As the reader who tipped us off to this product writes, "Aren't douches supposed to be bad for you? Does anyone actually buy this shit?" And yes, according to the U.S. Department Of Health & Human Services: "Women douche because they mistakenly believe it gives many benefits. In reality, douching may do more harm than good. Most doctors and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest that women steer clear of douching." But apparently, no one told the women who participated in the in the Waterworks clinical trial! The quotes from the Waterworks website are awesomely bad:

"I felt more confident. I felt cleaner. It is a great product, it really is."

"It actually boosted my self-esteem a lot and I felt very confident that I wasn’t gonna have that problem throughout the day. It was really great. I’m just elated with it."

"It’s always made me feel fresh and clean. It was in that first week I noticed a difference, the odor seemed to be gone and I just felt better. I was really pleased how it worked so quickly, and so easily."


And the best, and by best I mean worst:

"I feel more confident, more feminine. It’s wonderful. My husband is as happy as I am."


Because having an odorless vagina is clearly more "feminine." Dudes know and appreciate this!

Waterworks [Official Site]

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Isn't the "European"/Fake French aspect of this funny? Because don't we associate the French with having bad body odor in a general sense? Near as I could figure in France, the ONLY thing getting washed was the lady bits. (That's assuming the bidets are being used.) Not sure, because the general/armpit odor might have been overwhelming the vag odor....