Audrina & JustinBobby: The Least Compelling Love Story Of The Century

On last night's episode of The Hills, JustinBobby showed up at Audrina's fake job — she was in the recording studio with Brandy, whose career must be in dire straights if she's hittin' up The Hills for publicity — to tell her that he wants to "be with" her. Notice that he doesn't say anything about exclusivity, which is what Audrina had been holding out for. So anyway, his stupid, transparent tactic (he only wants to "be with" her because she was off "being with" someone else) worked, and now they're back together…for now. We wonder if the whole Lauren-Frenches-JustinBobby scandal will be featured on the show somehow. Clip above.


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I would love to see the Lauren-JustinBobby rumor played out on the Hills. If only to hear Audrina say: "Lauren you KNOW what you did!"