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GOOP Scoop

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The NY Observer has an amusing article attempting to figure out Gwyneth Paltrow's motivation for starting GOOP, the lifestyle website we love to mock. As ever, Gwyneth's reasons for starting GOOP are unclear, but the Observer at least proves that she's a total hypocrite. Back in 2004 when Paltrow was promoting the Sylvia Plath biopic Sylvia, she told the BBC, “I think when people talk too much about who they are, and give the world access to every single thing—what kind of face cream they use, what they cook for dinner, and what nicknames they have for their significant others—that’s all you can think about when you see them. There’s no mystery. I think it’s a shame, because it’s great when you see somebody with mystery act, because you think they’re capable of anything." [Observer]


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hussein persepolis hussein

I hope GOOP has an advice column so I can ask Gwynnie where to get that $2000 trench so I can wear it to the fucking unemployment interview I have to go to next week.