Number Of Homeless Female Vets On The Rise • Sesame Street Now Available On iTunes

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• An estimated 7,000 to 8,000 female military veterans are homeless, and advocates say new housing for female veterans and resources for women at veterans' homeless shelters fall far short of what is needed. • There are now three new ways to get to Sesame Street. Full episodes will be sold on iTunes, YouTube is starting a Sesame Street channel, and the online video site Hulu will feature more than 100 segments from the show including celebrity appearances. • Assume the fetal position: the way you sleep in may be affecting your health.• A 13-year-old girl became the youngestsuicide bomber in Iraq yesterday when she blew herself up in Baquba, killing five Iraqi guards. • School bake sales may be a thing of the past, as hundreds of schools have instituted policies to limit the amount of junk food consumed by students. • Several new studies suggest that babies born from frozen embryos are less likely to be premature and underweight than those that develop from fresh embryos, possibly because only the strongest embryos survive the freezing process. • A topless portrait of a Tahitian girl painted on one of Captain Cook's journeys will be given a public exhibit for the first time in 200 years before being auctioned in December. • A movie based on the best selling memoir My Friend Anne Frank by Frank's best friend Jopie is being developed by an indie studio. • According to a new study, obese women have less impulse control than normal-weight women, but obese men aren't any more impulsive than normal-weight men. • New research suggests that the anti-depressant Paxil, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, may reduce male fertility by increasing DNA fragmentation in sperm. • Doctors say that crying may make us healthier by literally expelling certain chemicals from our bodies. The compounds found in emotional tears are different from those caused by eye watering. Tears may be how the body removes chemicals that build up from emotional stress. • Under a new law in Australia, partners together for two years will get the same rights as married couples to seek "spousal maintenance" claims. The could mean philandering husbands will be forced to keep paying for their mistresses after their affair ends. • John and Jenny Deaves, a father and daughter who revealed that they were having an incestuous love affair and had a child together have split up. The Jenny is now engaged to a bisexual man and they both live still with her father and the former couple's one-year-old daughter. • New research on pre-eclampsia found that women who have had two or more abortions reduced their risk for pre-eclampsia by 60 percent, meaning they are as well protected as women who have previously given birth. • Soon women will be able to delay motherhood into their 40s and beyond by having one of their ovaries removed, stored in a freezer, and re-implanted. • The New York Times visits the thong and gold lamé strewn dressing room at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, a Manhattan strip club. • British food writer Fiona Beckett has tips for surviving the hard economic times by stretching your food budget, including by buying cheaper cuts of meat, watering down salad dressing, and cutting down on second helpings. • Scientists have found that hormonal changes caused by menopause change the way older women judge the attractiveness of younger women and decreases competitive feelings toward other women for male partners. • Though abortion is largely banned in Latin America, Uruguay's Senate voted today to decriminalize abortions during the first 12 weeks of presidency. However, the president is expected to veto the bill. • Lonesome George, a giant tortoise from the Galapagos island who is the last of his kind, may not become a father, thus saving his species from extinction. He mated with two females of a different subspecies this year, but 80 percent of their eggs appear infertile. •

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Stretching your food budget: Rice, beans, meet hot sauce. Become bff. Flirt with frozen veggies.