Sasha Fierce And Her Backup Dancers Are B-rilliant

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The highlight of last night's otherwise super-dark SNL was an incredibly silly skit featuring surprise guest Justin Timberlake, who showed up during Weekend Update to apologize for the fact that he had to back out of an upcoming Thanksgiving episode. Timberlake tried to make amends by condensing his best bits into a 2-minute recap, and continued to win over the audience by popping up as a leotard-wearing backup dancer at a "rehearsal" for Beyonce's new video. Watching Timberlake and Beyonce dance around together is hilarious; you almost forget that Timberlake is one of the biggest stars in the world as he dances goofily around Sasha Fierce, who also holds superstar status. Clip after the jump.


Justin Timberlake & Beyonce - "Single Ladies" SNL [DailyMotion]

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Beyonce makes the best music videos. Literally the best. I am consistently fascinated by every one she puts out. I don't even pay attention to music videos. I mean who does, really? But hers are just great.

The weird thing is that they're all really the same idea, but she's so focused and captivating that it doesn't seem to matter. I think she's most likely partially nutso, but this must be some sort of secret ingredient to music video awesomeness. All these young up and comers, ahem Rihanna, can never match Ms. B.