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The Blame Game

Illustration for article titled The Blame Game

More Ashley Dupre drama: Dupre told People that she turned to prostitution after her wealthy fiance broke off their engagement and left her in need of an expensive and materialistic lifestyle. The ex, Jason Jarocki, a club and limo service owner from Florida, disagrees: "There's plenty of things she could have done instead of [prostitution]. She could've been a hostess or a model." Still, Jarocki defends Dupre as being "sweet" and "not a manipulator." [NY Post]


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Hold on, hold on. If I remember correctly, he didn't leave her with a need for an expensive lifestyle — he left her with actual bills to pay and rent to make. Even if you decide to dial it down, you still have to pay the existing bills.

I'm not sure I would choose prostitution, either, but honestly? I can't judge someone who does. Those are not shoes I've walked in — the shoes that tell me (for whatever reason, be it psychological or financial) that I have no choice but to sell my body.

And if my daughter came home and told me that that was what she had been reduced to, I would not tell her I was disgusted. I would fold her in my arms and keep the world away.