Who Told Sean Stewart That He's "A Waste Of Sperm And Egg?"

Sean Stewart is the 28-year-old son of Alanna and Rod Stewart and has been battling drug addiction since high school. He's been in and out of treatment programs throughout adulthood and is now one of the cast members of Celebrity Rehab. He's pretty much remained low key, but during a group session on last night's episode, he opened up about the root of the self hate that has fuelled his addictions, which he says are caused by insecurity over occasional erectile dysfunction, penis size, and the fact that, when he was 11, someone called him "a waste of sperm and egg." Dr. Drew asked who said that to him, and although it's bleeped out, it seems like he says "my fucking father." Clip above.

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I want to ask, is this show actually rehab?? As mentioned, I've never watched it. I have watched "Intervention" and they actually do go to rehab (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't) but is being on a reality show with other "celebrities(HA)" the same as going into a real rehabilitation hospital? And, I do believe Sean Stewart has been in rehab several times.

Anyway, perhaps I did sound as if I lack compassion, and I think I do, but I am really tired of adults who continually complain about their childhood. I mean people who are 30, 40, 50 years old and still complaining about how they weren't loved or how their parents didn't care. Okay. I believe you. But live your life NOW, not in the past. Move on and stop boring people.