Tony Danza Is Sinatra Obsessed • Playboy Apologizes For "Sexy" Virgin Mary Cover

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• A Staten Island man with the last name Sinatra claims that Tony Danza stalked him in 2005 because he thought he was related to Frank. •


• Coke plans to release a new diet drink this week using a natural, calorie-free sugar alternative even though the FDA hasn't formally approved the ingredient. • Remember that Playboy Mexico cover that featured a sexy Virgin Mary? The U.S. Playboy headquarters apologized on Friday. • The Australian claims that young Aussie women are choosing babies over careers because Australia is experiencing a baby boom. • A 16-year-old Girl Scout from Michigan is determined to break the 60,000 cumulative record for cookie boxes sold by a single Girl Scout. • A poll of English children found that they believe Simon Cowell to be more famous than God and that they would like to ban divorce. • A woman named Claudia put out an ad in The Tampa Tribune looking for a nice girl to date and eventually marry her son. • Oh God: new research suggests that the best chance of "reeling-in" (their words) an unmarried father is to get him involved during the pregnancy. • Last week, the Afghani province of Ghazni put a ban on female voices on the radio. • The Women Film Critics Circle named Changeling the best film that "most passionately opposes violence against women" of 2008. • A study of birds sleeping has found that birds remember and practice songs that they heard the day before while they are sleeping. • Want to know some horribly dumb reasons that some English people gave when dropping off their dogs at shelters this year? "My dog doesn't match the sofa" and "the dog looks evil and has different colored eyes—just like David Bowie." •


Well, I'd already "reeled in" my husband before we got pregnant, but what surprises me are the low expectations that many people have for an expectant father. Almost that they need to be dragged or tricked into participating in the prenatal experience. Anything my husband does is glorious in the eyes of the ob/gyn nurses, even when he just shows up for an appointment and listens.