Would You Tell Someone If Her Drink Had Been Drugged?

Today Good Morning America ran a segment from Primetime's hidden camera series "What Would You Do?" which routinely tests the limits of responsible journalism.

In the clip at left, two actors, Brigitte and John, sit at a bar pretending to be on a date. While Brigitte is in the bathroom, John pours a powder in her drink. While, as anchor John Quinones says, what's frightening is that this happens in real life, it's unlikely this exact scenario would happen, since no human has ever responded to his date saying she feels ill by saying, "I have a pool at my house." The terribly written skit is performed in front of a group of guys and a middle-aged woman, and you can probably guess who intervenes and tells Bridgitte she's been drugged.

As pointed out on Shakesville, the word "rape" is never uttered during this segment. When Bridgitte and the woman cry and hug after it's revealed that it was just an act, Quinones says "Why are you crying? You're an actress!" He adds that Bridgitte was probably all worked up because she was drugged in real life two years ago, but "no one came to her rescue until after she had taken the drink."

Read This—and Resolve Again to Be All In [Shakesville]

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See this is why my husband is freakin awesome.

The other day he was taking the bus home and called me to tell me he'd be late. He got in a fight. I huff and puff all upset.

But when he got home I guess he had gotten into a fight helping this little petit girl fend off 4 guys who where sexually assulting her at a BUS STOP. Apparently it was full of people but he was the only one who said something when he saw 4 guys rubbing up against a terrified woman.

—by the way he dropped 3 of them and held them until the police came (he's a big guy). Turns out those guys had asulted someone earlier that day too! They're going to jail for quite some time. Heh.

I love it when people step in. I would absolutly want any woman to do that for me. So in return I would go out of my way to out a motherfucker for another lady.