Every Sperm Is Sacred?

This clever commercial for the Olso Gay Festival, found on Feministe, shows lost sperm swimming confusedly around in someone's lower intestines.

There is some debate about whether this ad plays into the idea that sperm tirelessly "seek" an egg, oris a spoof on the idea that sperm are sentient, goal-oriented little soldiers (we're going with the latter). Even if the intention was to subvert this trope, the ad still has some problematic elements. As one commenter notes, the commercial does not exactly promote safe sex — not to mention the somewhat reductive gay-equals-anal equation. However, as Lisa from Sociological Images points out, there is one unquestionable positive message in the clip: "in that this commercial celebrates the infertile sex act, we’ve come a long way from the Christian ethic against wasting your seed." [Feministe]


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JessicaLovejoy: Laughing, riding, cornholing!

The sperm seems really sad. It would be better if it danced along with the techno.

And this is coming from someone who mocks the faulty three headed sperm or the ones who can only swim in a circle on Discovery Channel shows.