Real Housewives Star Arrested For Being A Deadbeat Dad?

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Slade Smiley, a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County was arrested Friday for "civil contempt." He may have been picked up at Housewife Gretchen's place, whom he's rumored to be dating.

Slade was arrested in Costa Mesa on the 2400 block of Elden Avenue, which is reportedly where Gretchen - the woman who appeared on the most recent season of Real Housewives of Orange County and was engaged to the older man with leukemia - lives. Police haven't yet gone into details, but it was on a $10,000 warrant for civil contempt, which usually means non-payment of court fees/child support.

What's interesting, is that Jay Photoglou-Gretchen's ex-boyfriend, who claims in the National Enquirer that he was dating the reality star while her fiancé was dying of cancer, and then later moved in with her-has been all up in the comments of different blog posts regarding Slade's arrest, to tell his side of the story. He says that he is the reason that Slade was eventually arrested:

I lived with Gretchen in Costa Mesa. And was living out of a suitcase with a friend when I left because she was going to dinner with Slade. When I went to pick up more clothes on Wed Feb 18th Slades car was in the driveway. I know Gretchen well so I called the police dept to do a civil asst and help me recover some more clothes. I had proper identification to be there so they attempted to get Slade or Gretchen to open the door. No response from them so when I told them I have a way to get in the dispatcher recieved a call from Slade saying he was with Gretchen and they were in Vegas. Slade called a recorded line to lie to the police. He also told the dispatcher that a neighbor called him to say the police were there. So that is why he called. So I proceeded to enter the house as I did I saw there was Slades wallet shirt Jacket shoes and car keys were in plain sight. The officer and I then heard foot steps upstairs. But Slade and Gretchen would still not come out of her room. This is public information and probably on a report. I did recover more clothes BUT did not have a moving truck set up so I was only able to get clothes not furniture. The officers did not tell me but I over heard them say He has a suspended Lic and a fake tag on his unregistered car as well as a warrant for $10,000 out of LA county. This is what I think I heard. I will be moving the rest of my stuff out next week.


This almost makes too much sense to be fabricated.

In the same comments section, someone posted this:

Mr. Smiley has (8) counts of contempt of court; failure to follow court orders related to back child support from 2005 and 2006 for his youngest son. He has never had full custody of his children, that was all staged for the "reality" television show.

Slade has two children from two previous relationships, the youngest of whom is very ill with a brain tumor. Although it appeared that the boy was living with Slade and his then-girlfriend Jo on the first season of Real Housewives, there are no photos of Slade on the child's website. As you may know, Slade's Orange County home went into foreclosure last year, so signs seem to indicate that's broke and not paying child support on one or more of his kids.

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