Coachella Concertgoer Gives Tara Reid Short(s) Shrift

Illustration for article titled Coachella Concertgoer Gives Tara Reid Short(s) Shrift

[Indio, California; April 19. Image via Flynet]

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I know this is a hipster concert and all, but why must everyone shun the wearing of bras? They are YOUR friends (also, I watched the A-List Real Housewives fashion show and was in pain while watching NeNe strut down the runway. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE BUY BRAS THAT FIT? Go to Nordstrom. Please and thank you.)

LIFT AND SEPARATE are words to live by, dear Tara. You look so happy and much healthier and also sober. And it really is all about baby steps, so I won't expect too much from you. But next time, really. A bra.

Also, if those are the in-fashion shorts for the summer, I guess mine legs will not see the light of day for another year or so.