Katie Asks Why "Sexism" Against Men Is Abhorrent To Saudis

Katie Couric, having ditched her abaya and gotten back to the gym after returning from Saudi Arabia, wonders why, with all the discrimination against women, some Saudi men are upset at separate-but-equal facilities for women.


This women only mall idea is already a common practice in Saudi. The mall that she is referring to is the Kingdom center in Riyadh (that has an all female floor). All malls are co-ed, except the few female ones; which usually sell non-brand name lingerie etc. It's not the horror show that the media wants you to see, but really a fairly moderate community learning how to slowly progress beyond the government's strict rules. It's a VERY new country, and the progress I've observed in my 10 years of living there (ages 12-22 now) it's come forward leaps and bounds. Please be respectful on here, I'm always so surprised how jezebelles can seem so thoughtful for most posts, but as soon as Saudi come's into topic; it's all anti Islamic, "Why are we friends with this country? / oil!" talk. I'm not saying the human rights issues aren't important, but they're not Saudi's only identity. Please consider an objective viewpoint.