Katie Prepares Princeton Grads For Harsh Reality • Laura Ling, Euna Lee To Go On Trial Thursday

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Katie Couric to Princeton's female grads: "There is no more challenging, rewarding or important job than being a mom. I just want to say this — sometimes dreams of domestic bliss are interrupted by reality. People get divorced. People die. You need to protect yourself." How inspiring. •


• 15 years ago, Thomas Howard Price beat his wife, Heather Thompson, with a broom handle and pliers, leaving her permanently disabled. 10 years later, Price wrote Thompson a letter from prison in which he threatened to kill her and their children as soon as he was free. Price was released last Friday. • An awesome woman from New Hampshire celebrated her 100th birthday this week with a ride on a Harley. Alice King has been a biking enthusiast since 1927, and for her 100th, her family surprised her with a motorcycle ride. • Last summer, professor Anne York published a study that showed the difference in ambitions of high school valedictorians as broken down by gender. She found that girls were less likely to shoot for high paying jobs, and that many were already concerned with the family/work balance. New York Times blog The Choice revisits the findings, and asks for reader input. • A recent study found that semen "quality" (reproductive capacity) is adversely effected by low antioxidant intake. • Thanks to Obama (and the failing economy), the Peace Corps has seen a serious increase in the number of applicants this year. • The achievement gap between women and men in math and science has narrowed to the vanishing point, according to a recent study. However, women are still underrepresented in Ph.D. applicant pools. • Police in Northumbria are searching for an escaped wallaby named Hopper. They ask that anyone who has spotted the wallaby to contact them asap. • According to a new study, men don't give a shit about women's health. A Florida State University study found that informing men about the potential medical benefits of the HPV vaccine for their sexual partners did not influence their decision about whether or not to receive the shots. • New guidelines to be published in July aim to aid doctors in identifying bleeding disorders in women. • In a recent report, the Anti-Defamation League says that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. has declined for the fourth consecutive year. • American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee are set to go on trial for "hostile acts" in North Korea this Thursday. If convicted, they could face up to 10 years in forced labor camps. • 25 years ago, Alexey Pajitnov, who was then working for the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow, created Tetris. Want to celebrate? You can: watch some cheesy ads, learn about the future of Tetris, read about Pajitnov's World of Warcraft habit, or just go play the game.


Hey, maybe the achievement gap between men and women could be narrowed by not firing women with children? Or not refusing to hire them when they're pregnant? And maybe more women would apply to get their Ph.D's if they thought they could actually get a job in academia once they'd finished.