Baby Hedgehogs Rescued • Man Assaults Unconscious Girlfriend; Posts Video Online

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• After being abandoned by their mother, these two baby hedgehogs were taken in by an animal shelter in the UK. The adorable infants weigh 16 grams each and have to be fed every half hour. •


• According to advocacy group Immigration Equality, an estimated 36,000 same-sex couples are bi-national by necessity, as current immigration laws do not allow Americans to sponsor their foreign born same-sex partners for citizenship. • Scientists have found that babies exposed to more television may not learn as quickly as those who spend their time interacting with an adult. • A man suspecting of raping an 11-year-old girl was attacked and critically injured by a dozen residents of a Philadelphia neighborhood. The victim's mother said that she was happy they beat the suspect: "I mean, he deserves worse than what he did to my daughter." • Several Vietnamese coffee shops in Southern California have created a kind of "Starbucks meets Hooters" vibe with their scantily clad baristas. • A similar business (same idea, only waitresses are topless) in Maine has been destroyed by a fast-moving fire, which officials believe was deliberately set. • Good news for Fido: The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first ever cancer drug designed specifically for dogs. • One week ago, Memphis resident and reported trans-person Kelvin Denton was shot in the nose and throat. The alleged shooter claims he attacked Denton because he believed Denton was misrepresenting his gender. Denton is currently in critical condition. • If Denton's story didn't make you depressed enough: Two radio show hosts in Sacramento held a half hour show last week in which they encouraged violence against transgender children, who they referred to as "idiots" and "freaks." • A Florida attorney defending a man accused of killing his wife has attempted to shift the blame from his client to the victim's spray tan, which she got the day before she died. • Norwegian researchers have cleared Kegel exercises for pregnant women. Many doctors previously believed that Kegels—often performed by pregnant women to prevent incontinence—could cause complications during birth, but new research proves this fear unfounded. • Bobbi Davis, owner of Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada, said she may hire some male prostitutes at her brothel in order to boost business. At least four other brothels are also considering adding some sausage to their menus. • A curious 7-month-old kitten got stuck up a tree, where she spent the night fending off the vicious attacks of crows. The kitten was eventually rescued by the fire department. • By the year 2017, the majority of practicing doctors in Britain may be female, a recent report "warns." • The Rhode Island senate has passed a bill that would allow same-sex couples funeral rights, however, the state is still one of the only two in New England that has not yet legalized same-sex marriage (New Hampshire being the other). • It's hard to know what to say: A young Arizona man raped his unconscious girlfriend with webcam directed at him, thereby broadcasting the assault all over the world via Apparently the assailant, Jonathan Hock, "is very popular on this site and known for his sex related behaviors."


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On the topic of the Vassalboro topless donut shop. I don't agree that the place was burned but the guy didn't have insurance on the place. He was complaining on the news this morning that his house and business was gone and he had no insurance for any of it. I feel bad for him and all but you have to take some responsibility.