Once Upon A Time, Sarah Haskins Was Sold A Story

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Do you like fairy tales? Of course you do. You have a vagina. "Every woman's secret dream is to be the heroine in a fairy tale," Sarah Haskins explains. Naturally, commercials make this dream come true.


Even when they have the buying power, women are damsels in distress! Clip below.

Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Story Time [Current]

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Dear Dairy advertising,

What's up?

Look, you're starting to creep me out. I mean, before, it was sort of okay. Milk does a body good, happy cows apparently make better cheese, okay, fine. At least you're actually talking about the product.

But...period tears? That's gross, Dairy. Really gross.

Also, yogurt should not be so obviously marketed as "the food for women". We get it. Stop going on about how it's low fat and has fruit in it and is like a real food substitute. We know why we're -really- supposed to eat it. Because there's good bacteria in it which may be good for our vag's. You can stop being coy already.

Also, Dairy? On the cream cheese front, you're not fooling anyone with your air commercials in heaven or putting little bits of it on crackers. That stuff belongs on bagels. The good kind, from New York. And it's not low in fat just because people with wings on eat it.

Stop pretending.

Thank you,