Man Gets One Year In Prison After Wife Dies On Honeymoon Scuba Dive

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Six years ago, Gabe and Tina Watson headed to Australia to celebrate their honeymoon. Tragically, only Gabe returned from the trip. Tina died while scuba diving, and a court says that Gabe is to blame.


Gabe was assigned to be Tina's dive buddy during their dive of the Great Barrier Reef, but when Tina dove too deep and began drowning, David neglected to administer her emergency oxygen. He attempted to pull her up, according to People magazine, but her "hand hit his mask and regulator, knocking them askew." Gabe then claims he left Tina behind and went to the surface to get help. Investigators had another story, claiming that Watson took his time getting to the surface, neglecting to get Tina the emergency care she needed.

Gabe was originally charged with murder over Tina's death, but the charges were later lessened to manslaughter, much to the chagrin of Tina's family, who believe that Watson murdered their daughter in order to access her life insurance policy. Tina's father claims that Gabe pushed Tina to up her life insurance policy just before the couple married, making Gabe the sole beneficiary.

The case has apparently received a bit of publicity in Australia, where Watson was tried and convicted, with Watson being painted as "manipulative" due to fairly damning victim impact statements from Tina's sister and father. Papers are also pointing out that Watson has since remarried—to a Tina "lookalike," which I'm sure will only lead to more speculation and tv movie of the week type drama.

Watson was originally sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for his role in Tina's death, but a judge has already lessened the sentence, and he will most likely serve no more than one year. Tina's family continues to argue that Watson is a murderer who got off easy: "We believe that Gabe Watson murdered our daughter," her father says, "We will continue to believe that. This is not justice and this is not over." The State of Alabama agrees: the Attorney-General, Troy King, has already stated that he will push "America's legal boundaries to the limit" to ensure justice for Tina's family.

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