Orgasm Faces: Immersion: Porn Brings Voyeurism To The Fore

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Robbie Cooper's film of young adults discussing (and demonstrating) their love of pornography is now up on Wallpaper's website. Featuring three women and three men, the film is essentially SFW (with the exception of some audio), but still fairly unsettling.

Note: I speak for myself on that last point. Cooper has intercut footage of his subjects - Lindsay, Benjamin, Kristin, Rafi, Genevieve, and Theodore - talking about pornography with, well, if not quite actual pornography, something approximating it. Or perhaps I should say, his film can be seen as an exercise through which to discuss what exactly "porn" is: I have no doubt that, for many, bearing witness to the facial expressions and reactions of people masturbating while they look straight into the videocamera is far more intimate and less arousing than any of the images these young people are getting off on.

With the exception of one participant, 47-year-old Theodore, the film is also a document of a particular segment of American and English youth, many of whom are so familiar with the genres and lingo of contemporary porn - and their own sexual psychologies - that they put some of us older folk to shame. (Also: speaking for myself here.) Of course, this might also explain why they were willing to be filmed in the first place. The clip is below; thoughts, in the comments.


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Video: Robbie Cooper: Sex, Sighs & Videotape [Wallpaper]

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Way more uncomfortable to watch then I thought it would be. I'm pretty open sexually so I'm shocked that it bothered me.