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[Dresden, June 30. Image via Getty]

A woman looks at the painting 'Portrait Dr. Knobloch' by Gerhard Richter in Dresden, eastern Germany on June 30, 2009. The painting is one of the earliest and most distinctive example for Richter's portraiture. Since its completion in 1964, the portrait was privately owned and has now been acquired for the Gerhard Richter archive of the state art collection of Dresden. AFP PHOTO DDP / NORBERT MILLAUER ***GERMANY OUT*** (Photo credit should read NORBERT MILLAUER/AFP/Getty Images)

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karmasutra är svensk

True story: I was the tallest person in Dresden for a good 15 seconds.

I stood on the tope of the cathedral (don't worry - it's allowed) and then there was a ledge that no one was on so I stood on it and just with a quick glance I confirmed the fact that for the first, and probably last, moment in my life I was actually higher off the ground than any in a single city.