Jersey Girls In 1992

Wildwood, is a New Jersey beach town infamous for its boardwalk, confederate flags, and overall trashiness. In 1992, directors Carol Weaks/Cassidy and Ruth Leitman made a documentary—Wildwood, NJ—about its female denizens that is a time capsule of hilarity.

What's funnier is that the nails, hair, and attitudes of the women of Wildwood haven't changed all that much in the 17 years since the film was made. Wildwood wasn't far from where I grew up, and while most of what I love about this highlight reel Rich made—like the indescribable accents and the nostalgia for women who proudly flaunt their tan lines—might rely on regional humor, I still think it could be enjoyed by most, if only for the fashions alone. So if you're not familiar with Wildwood, maybe it's time that you start to be.

Wildwood The Movie [FourFour]

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hussein persepolis hussein

Argh. These are my people and the reason why I never went to the prom or any fucking reuinions. Or maybe because I was stoned throughout high school. And the whole gay thing. I grew up in Yonkers,* and letmetellyou, this is exactly how it was, how it is, and how it shall always be. Only it happens in a parking lot. Behind the strip mall. Under a sulfurous cloud of hairspray and cigarette smoke.

*Rich, Yonkers is hair on the louse that is clinging to one of the armpits' hairs.