Uganda To Ban FGM, Fight Argument That It's "Cultural"

Illustration for article titled Uganda To Ban FGM, Fight Argument That Its Cultural

President Yoweri Museveni announced last week that female genital mutilation will be banned this year, saying that no body parts are useless and adding that the FGM "culture" was not "useful and based on scientific information." [Agence France Presse]


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And it's huge huge huge in that it'll give a lot of credence to groups working to end the practice not just in Uganda but elsewhere in Africa. And so much of that work is talking to one person at a time.

Case in point (happy story): when I was a Grad. School Admissions Counselor, I met with a prospective student from Mali who was mayor of his commune (county, province, etc) and a pretty young dude, I think only 28. He gave great reasons for wanting to get a US degree, partially to work to end FGM/FGC throughout Mali, as he had just gotten it banned in his entire commune, and had been working on it for almost a decade. Talking with, re-talking with, and educating people ("especially the grannies" he said) about what it really does and means.

An incredibly inspiring guy, he made ME cry while I was interviewing HIM :).