Jon Gosselin Ensures That Ed Hardy Will Forever Be Known As The Axe Body Spray Of Clothing

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I am not a fashionable person. I have worn the same black t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers outfit since 1995. But I think I'm still qualified to declare that Ed Hardy gear has become the Axe body spray of clothing.


Ed Hardy gear can be found on everyone from Britney Spears to Hulk Hogan to Paris Hilton to the brand's newest "hot" ambassador, Jon Gosselin, who apparently reps the brand's sailor-tattoo punk aesthetic, for what says "rebel" more than a man who rose to fame as the father of eight children on a reality show for TLC?

Gosselin is the Ed Hardy brand's biggest celeb endorser right now, and the company was classy enough to showcase this by putting up the cover of US Weekly with a picture of a crying Kate Gosselin and the words "Kate's Private Hell," so that when one clicks on the picture, they are greeted with a clip from the magazine that shows Jon wearing Ed Hardy clothing and talking about how much he's changed. Ooh, that rebellious "I won't get a real tattoo, but I'll wear it on my shirt" spirit! Get me some of that, will you!?

The company is so taken with Gosselin that he is reportedly now in Paris to meet with the creative director, Christian Audigier, in order to discuss a possible clothing line for his 23-year-old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. Charming! It's awesome how much time one has to fly to Paris to discuss flip-flop lines with tiger faces and flames all over them when one suddenly doesn't have 8 children to deal with anymore, isn't it? Rebel, rebel!

Perhaps it is just my personal experience, but whenever I see someone in Ed Hardy gear, I groan. To me, it represents the destruction of the purpose of tattoos in the first place; it's a temporary way to display what is meant to be a permanent art form. It's also just stupid looking most of the time: Jon Gosselin is 32 years old. Why is he walking around with tigers on the back of his jeans? Yes, I've heard Ed Hardy stuff is comfortable. I heard the same excuses about Juicy sweatpants back in the day, but it didn't stop me from frowning when I saw women walking around with the word "Juicy" written on their butts.

As I said, I am not a fashionable person, so my opinion on such matters is probably meaningless. But style aside, there is something really shady about holding Jon Gosselin up as some ambassador of cool or rebellion. It makes it seem as though he's ditched that ol' ball-and-chain wife and kids thing and embraced his inner psuedo-biker dude, which is a bunch of stereotypical bs and only serves to promote my argument that any company that prides itself on catering to douchebags deserves any douchebag label it gets.

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As someone with REAL tattoos, I've always found Ed Hardy to be the lamest of the lame. First it was people who know nothing about custom cars wearing Von Dutch, now its people who know nothing about tattoos wearing Ed Hardy. [all handily licensed by Christian Audiger purveyor of "lifestyle" brands"]

I guess as someone who actually LIVES the lifestyles that Audgier "sells" its kind of offensive to be in effect, sold out to the masses.

Also? The Ed Hardy billboard that was up for months by my house? Full of skinny, LA models with NO TATTOOS?