"If You Don’t Use Our Services You Will Be Just As Idiotic As These Black Women”

"No matter which angle you dissect this little thirty second spot from, only one conclusion is possible; the purposeful exposure of the so-called desperate ignorance of Black women." Also, does the ad pit blacks against Eastern Europeans? [Womanist Musings, Racialicious]


By Grapthar's hammer... what a savings. (aka mrsdracomalfoy)

I'm afraid I have to disagree. I don't see this as "desperate ignorance" I see it as wondering about the vague wording many companies use on many products. "Natural" is incredibly ambiguous, and I'm sure a lot of people wonder about weaves, "natural flavors" in sodas, composition of stuffed animals' casings, etc. The only part that could be the slightest bit "racially offensive" is at the very end, when she plays into the "angry black woman" stereotype. (Please note, I'm not saying I believe or condone that stereotype in anyway, just that it is recognizable meme in American culture.)

I agree that these commercials are inane and annoying, but I don't see this one as racist.