Old Man, Little Boy Give Equally Bad Dating Advice

The Early Show got advice this morning from two dating book authors: that 10-year-old boy who knows nothing about dating and an 82-year-old man who won't stop talking about pushing people off cliffs!

We're all probably familiar with Alec Greven, the fifth grader whose book How To Talk To Girls earned him what seems to be a permanent place on the morning show slow news day booking cycle. The idea of his book was adorable, but the novelty has worn off and we're left with a normal ten-year-old kid who appears to be as bored with the topic of dating as we are with hearing him talk about it. New on the weird-age dating book scene, however, is Howard Eisenberg, the 82-year-old author of It's Never Too Late To Date. This morning, The Early Show decided to throw the two guys together for one interview, even though the challenges they face in the dating world have nothing in common other than, presumably, a lack of penetration.

After some stammering by Alec and a few old-man cliche stories by Howard, the interview got going when Harry Smith asked the guys how they deal with rejection. "You just go home and cry," Howard said, and at first it's like "Oh my god, that is so sad, that poor old man" but then Howard laughed and said "We tell women to push this guy, this loser, mentally off a cliff." Little Alec said simply "Life is hard, move on." (The title of his next book, perhaps!) When the subject of "the L word" comes up, Howard advocated men lying to women and claiming they have a phone call, right in front of little Alec! He also mentioned pushing people off cliffs again for good measure. Clip above.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Does anyone care what ladies say that they want, or are men just going to consult other men in attempting to discover what ladies want?