________ On A Stick: Kay Steiger Will Eat You For Breakfast

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Well, not really, but Kay, our guest blogger for the entire week, is an avowed foodie in addition to kicking ass and taking names on the website she oversees, Campus Progress.


Kay, who has lived in DC since 2006, is a Minnesota native and therefore was well-versed in delicious foodstuffs (many on sticks) long before she began contributing to the foodie destination The Internet Food Association. In addition to that site, she writes on her own eponymously-named blog, and edits Campus Progress, a web arm of the Center for American Progress devoted to assisting young people interested in taking more active roles in progressive issues. (You may also remember her from her numerous stints as a Crappy Hour contributor, various election cycle liveblogs, and her appearance at the "Foodie Feminist" gathering of last November, where she assisted in the preparation and eating of animal testes.) Please give her a warm welcome.

Campus Progress [Official Site]
Kay Steiger [Blogspot]
The Internet Food Association [Official Site]

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