Taylor Doesn't Take Enough Credit For Inspiring Legions To Join "Team Jacob"

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Taylor Lautner comes off as incredibly humble in his interview in Teen Vogue's October 2009 issue, especially considering that a two-second shot of his bare chest in the New Moon trailer made every girl at the MTV Movie Awards shriek.


Taylor, who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight films, explains that there's a specific kind of girl who signs up for "Team Jacob," and it has nothing to do with being too fed up with Robert Pattinson's complaints about the difficulties of being mobbed by teen girls to join "Team Edward." Taylor says:

"If she likes having a really close friendship with a guy... being able to tell him anything, and then having that friendship slowly transform into something more..."

But the fact that Taylor spent hours "hitting the gym, hiring a personal trainer, eating the right foods, and eating a lot of them" to prepare for New Moon probably added quite a few ladies to Team Jacob as well. But he doesn't give himself (or the 30 pounds of muscle he put on for the role) enough credit for his success:

"I think the fans would love anybody who played Jacob," he says mildly, when the reception is mentioned. "I'm just lucky to be the one who got the chance."

Perhaps Taylor is unfazed by fame because he didn't grow up wanting to be a movie star, he was pushed into it by a former blue Power Ranger. As a child he studied Xtreme Martial Arts and became a four-time world champion by age 13. His karate coach, who learned all about the glamorous world of show business during a stint on Power Rangers, suggested Taylor start auditioning for acting roles.

"At first," [Taylor] recalls, "I wasn't interested, but he said I could stay at his house for a few weeks, meet with some agents, go on auditions. " By the end of that month, Taylor says, "I liked it. Taking on roles that were the opposite of what I could be in real life? That's still my favorite thing."


Now he lives an hour outside of Los Angeles with his family, which makes it easier to avoid the throngs of teen girls, but not the paparazzi:

"There are twelve cars that camp outside my house," he marvels. "You can't ever really get used to it, because it's not normal to have people snapping pictures of everything you do. You just have to try not to let it affect you."


It seems he has a healthier attitude toward unwanted public attention than Robert Pattinson, who was reportedly so stressed out by stalkery fans that the crew of Remember Me had to literally put him in a box to keep the ladies away.


Teen Vogue doesn't manage to get any details out of Taylor on his co-star's love life. He says or the torrid love affair between Pattinson and Kristen Stewart "It's crazy... but the fans help. They're a big part of the motivation," so clearly he hasn't seen the blurry pictures of them supposedly making out. As for his own alleged romance with Selena Gomez, he just says, "She's a great girl."

The article is accompanied by a series of flattering (yet clothed) photos of Taylor, and a behind-the-scenes video in which he reveals that Denzel Washington is his favorite actor. For a guy being stalked by rabid fans Taylor seems surprisingly grounded, so if we must pick one Twilight boy to creepily watch us while we sleep, we're going to have to go with him.


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