Girl's Guide To Hunting And Fishing

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16-year-old Cammie Colin might be the youngest girl to bag a gator. Cammie — nicknamed "Killer" — went alligator-hunting Sunday night with her crossbow, and now her refrigerator is full of steaks. [UPI]


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Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk

Um, yay? As a vegetarian, I am no fan of hunting. I do recognize that hunters and fisher-people are a large segment of the conservation movement. I understand it's use in animal population control to stave off starvation. And I also understand this is something some people may need to do to keep the freezer full. That's all fine.

Actually, I think if people were forced to kill and butcher their own meat we might have more vegetarians today. People are pretty blase about eating meat because they don't have to see where it comes from.

Personally, I couldn't reconcile that in my mind anymore. I could not wish away knowing that animals were being killed in pretty inhumane ways to fill my gullet.

If that makes me snobby and elitist... I don't agree. I'm living by my own code of ethics, which I obviously think is right, but I don't force that on anyone else or hold their meat eating or hunting ways against them. Just don't invite me on your deer hunt or show me pictures of you butchering your alligator or mock my vegetarianism and animal rights position and we'll get along swimmingly.