True Life Producer: "By Far, The Worst Was Being In The Projects"

To mark the 200th episode of True Life, MTV aired True Adventures of True Life last night, in which producers discussed the 11-year history of the show, one of whom, Leigh Steiglitz, revealed how challenging the job can be.

Steiglitz, who worked in the field, filming her own footage, said that she'd been in some risky situations for the show—maximum security prison, in bullet-proof vest, looking for illegal immigrants crossing the US/Mexico border, etc.—but claims that "by far the worst was being in the projects." While trying to film exteriors for the show, Stieglitz was repeatedly shot at...albeit with a paintball gun.


The whole phrase "the projects" coming out of an entitled white woman's mouth is unsettling to me. I don't think she (or I) own that phrase, really; it's like her using the word ghetto to describe something. Maybe the more formal "government housing" or " Section 8 Housing" is way to boring for MTV, but I find the connotations of her using that phrase very very uncomfortable. Am I being overly sensitive? Or is she just sounding incredibly cheesy and self-conscious and attempting to be hipper than thou?