Oprah & Chris Rock Talk Good Hair

Today on Oprah, Chris Rock discussed his documentary Good Hair, which investigates how black women treat—and feel about—their hair. He tried to explain weaves to white viewers, but they already learned all about that from Tyra and ANTM.


Oprah went into her own "hair history."

Chris insists that men don't give a shit about hair, and that women put themselves through the torture of weaves and relaxers for the benefit of other women.

Solange Knowles—who recently chopped off her own hair after being fed up with upkeep—stopped by to discuss her feelings on the matter.



Also, at the risk of being flamed, why is that white women need to equate their own hair experience with the black hair experience? And why the need to launch into a black (girl)friend story and round it out with "I so love her hair"?

diclaimer: Not trying to get disemvowled here nor I am trying to knock anyone down. I just feel that these types of statements that are showing up create some disconnet/discord when discussing this so I'd like to get to the root.