Australian Liquor Ad Features "Ho White" In Bed With 7 Dwarfs

Illustration for article titled Australian Liquor Ad Features Ho White In Bed With 7 Dwarfs

A new ad for Australia's Jamieson Brewery—featuring a sexed-up revision of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—was pulled after Disney contacted the company. So, is this "Ho White" offensive? (Click image to view full size.) [AdFreak]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

I'm mostly offended by how uncreative it is. Slutty fairy tales have been done and done and overdone.

If it were me, I would retool it as "Bro White" and feature a guy in a red baseball cap playing x box with a bunch of dwarves on the floor of a filthy house with empty bottles laying all over the place. And they're all eating pizza. #snowwhiteliquorad