Morrissey Collapses On Stage, Is Taken To Hospital

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Morrissey has reportedly been taken to a local hospital after collapsing on stage during a performance tonight at The Oasis in Swindon, England. According to The Telegraph, his current condition is listed as "stable." [ONTD], [Telegraph]


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"Just as he came to the end of the song his knees sagged and he slumped to the stage. Two band members rushed to his side and dragged off stage, he was immediately followed by his backing band and singers and the stage lights went up, to cat calls and whistles from the audience."

And then, when a stage hand came onstage to tell the crowd the show was off, and they could get refunds:

"He was met with boos and more catcalls from some sections of the audience."

Man, Swindon crowds are tough. #getwellsoon