"Perceived Negatively When You Share Your Success With Others?" That's Bingo!

Illustration for article titled Perceived Negatively When You Share Your Success With Others? Thats Bingo!

On the heels of battle-of-the-sexes Trivial Pursuit comes Gender Bias Bingo, developed by a law professor "to teach people how to recognize gender bias when it happens to them." Submitting three examples of bias gets you a free t-shirt! [CHEd]

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Knowing that this was submitted by a law professor makes me feel like there's got to be a way to incorporate gender bias bingo and gunner bingo.

Top row: Guy who has a personal story relevant to every case; At my Ivy League undergrad ... guy; Every crime is a hate crime! guy. Middle row: Challenges everything the female professor says guy; Everyone but me is unaware of the biological differences between the sexes guy (open space); Starts talking while a female classmate is speaking guy. Bottom row: There's no male bias in caselaw, it's an historical bias, which is okay guy; I'm-not-a-sexist-I'm-a-strict-constructionist guy; There's no such thing as Battered Women's Syndrome guy.

Did I miss anybody? Sorry to all the non-law Jezzies, this will make little sense. #genderbiasbingo