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Pimp My Dressing Room

Illustration for article titled Pimp My Dressing Room

When stars slum it on Broadway, apparently they make their dressing rooms ridiculous, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Carrie Fisher: "Ms. Fisher relaxes backstage amid candy-colored stripes on the walls, an electrified neon strip in the bathroom (a nod to the theater's disco past) and "Star Wars" kitsch scattered around, including a painting of a white poodle with Princess Leia buns."


Gina Gershon "worked with interior-designer and artist friends to brighten the room, including placing a movable window frame over a large photo of the ocean to create an 'ocean view.' She added a machine that plays sounds of seagulls and crashing waves."

Julia Stiles, meanwhile, was totally down-to-earth: "the most striking feature the photo of Serena Williams screaming at a line judge during the U.S. Open in September. 'It is a reminder for me to go out there and not censor strong emotions that I might be having on stage,' says Ms. Stiles."


Hey, I'm all for personalizing a space - thanks to a steady diet of Dorothy Draper's Decorating is Fun, I had a totally tricked-out dorm room. We all know what wonders a scented candle, a few cushions and extra-long sheets in a fetching shade can work. But...what happens after the show closes? Is the next star going to be staring at a random, be-bunned poodle and an ersatz "ocean view?" We say, what was good enough for Margo Channing is good enough for us: dressing screen, scads of flowers, greasepaint and a wise-cracking dresser are the hallmark of the true star.
A Dressing Room of One's Own [Wall Street Journal]

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

WSJ writers jus jellus 'cuz their under-the-tables from the traders are only gonna be five figures this holiday.


(I love Julia Stiles. She is truly the bomb.) #customdressingrooms