Was Demi Moore Photoshopped Onto Model's Body For W? Not Likely.

Illustration for article titled Was Demi Moore Photoshopped Onto Models Body For iW/i? Not Likely.

Not content with existing forensic analysis of Demi Moore's strangely-angled hip on the new W magazine, one conspiracy theorist suggests the magazine superimposed a Balmain runway shot of Anja Rubik. Crazier things have happened, but this theory is rather farfetched.


For one thing, putting a hastily-snapped, haphazardly lit runway shot on a major magazine cover (especially one that prides itself on premium photography) would test even the most transformative powers of Photoshop. And really, why bother? They actually shot Moore, the gallery of photos indicates the actress is indeed extremely slim and toned — even if not to the full extent of the post-production wizardry. And for everything else, of course, there's retouching.


Demi Moore's Body Replaced By W Magazine [Pop Culture Madness]

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Luckily for ya'll I found the original, unphotoshopped picture so that we can clear this whole mess up.