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"The Decision To Free Roman Polanski Is A Wise Decision."

Illustration for article titled The Decision To Free Roman Polanski Is A Wise Decision.

Should you feel the need to become enraged today, you may want to read Bernard-Henri Levy's celebratory Huffington Post piece, wherein he declares that "the nightmare is about to end" now that Roman Polanski has been released from prison. [HuffingtonPost]

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It's hard to feel anything about that piece, it's so devoid of content.

Browsing Levy's HuffPo archive, I come up with [] in which he seems to be awfully, awfully upset about commutation rules.

Now, if you REALLY want to become properly enraged, I'd suggest []

And aside from the general repulsiveness of the argument, you'd think a "philosopher" would be more interested in reasoning about why, say, rape is such a drastically lesser crime than murder and a bit less heavy on the 'insults, assaults and eviscerations'.