Today In Tips: White House Crasher & Nic Cage Goes Rogue

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Monday's tips, brought to you by our eagle-eyed readers and the always interesting #tips page.

  • Proving that there's a blog for everything, warhol's gnarwol points us toward a site that inserts the face of Nic Cage into random celebrity shots. He fits surprisingly well with Sarah Palin. "Going Rogaine," indeed.
  • Commenter boobookitteh brings up an article from two days ago that explains why people who have first names beginning with D die, on average, 10 years earlier than those whose names begin with A. "Throughout life, we are constantly reminded that A symbolises the best, whereas D is regarded as almost a failure. With very few exceptions, D signifies poor performance," conjectured the authors of the study.
  • Questioning writes: "Apparently, the Sahili's weren't the only crashers that evening." The unknown crasher traveled with the official Indian delegation and went through all the necessary security measures to enter the State Dinner. No news yet on whether or not they were angling for a reality show.
  • Turbopixie brought this sad story to our attention: A court in Malawi has denied bail to the first gay couple to marry in the conservative country. The magistrate claims he ruled in their best interest because the "public out there is angry with them."
  • Last but not least, a New York school has suspended a 10-year-old girl for bringing peppermint oil to school and distributing several drops of the liquid into her water bottle. Her mother has threatened to sue the school, saying: "The insinuation that she was bringing some illicit substance to school is infuriating. She's just a little girl who brought peppermint oil to school." Thanks for the tip, I, Zombie Normal!

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Nicolas Cage is Sarah Palin? What, now?