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[Moscow, January 4. Image via Getty.]

A girl slides down a hill near a church in central Moscow on January 4, 2010 as the air temperature in the capital dropped down to -15 degrees Celsius. Most Russians mark Orthodox Christmas on 7 January according to the old Julian calendar. AFP PHOTO / YURI KADOBNOV (Photo credit should read YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)


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Zombies make the heart grow fonder

This may seem silly but...

I really wish that the US would just use Celsius like the rest of the world. I hate hearing family in Canada tell me how it is such and such Celsius and me having to be like mmmhmm that...cold or hot? Why? Because I am dumb and only able to tell when things are really cold in Celsius. I am all about unity when it comes to measurements, damn it!