British Model Disfigured In Acid Attack

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GMA previewed tonight's 20/20 on British model Katie Piper, whose face was severely burned when a stranger threw acid at her. Piper's ex-boyfriend was convicted of orchestrating the attack and she has started a foundation to help other burn victims.


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This was horrible. I saw the full documentary last year. What was rather worrying, was that I was discussing with some of my students and two of the girls were saysin 'oh, but all she cares about is what she looks like, she's really shallow'. Obviously, professional decorum meant that I did not bang their heads together, but we did have to have a long conversation about the removal of a major part of her identity, as a young woman who had always been prized for her attractiveness, as well as the fear, pain and horrible disfigurement she has had to cope with.

I must admit, I did do the headdesk when they said it.