Brad & Angie Vow To Help Haiti; Heidi Montag "Obsessed" With Plastic Surgery

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"We are devastated by the news from Haiti. We will work closely with our good friend Wyclef Jean to support the humanitarian efforts on the island and help those who have been injured and left without homes and shelter." The two have traveled to Haiti in the past to support Wyclef's charity Yele Haiti; Angelina is a Goodwill Ambassador and Brad Pitt's Make It Right campaign built homes in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. [ET]

  • Critics from the LA Times and the Village Voice were not impressed with Victoria Beckham's presence on American Idol last night, calling her "gaunt appearance" "off-putting" and calling her face "just too crazy for the close-up." [Daily Mail]
  • Will Ryan Seacrest start judging American Idol as well as hosting? [E!]
  • George Clooney calls Robert Pattinson "Mr. Handsome," and is relieved he doesn't have to compete with Sparklevamp for roles: "Thank God I don't have to… He's young and handsome and talented." [Ok!]
  • Ugh: the NYPD thinks that Jon Gosselin's claims that his apartment was ransacked was just a publicity stunt. The cops have better shit to do, you know? [Radar Online]
  • Are there legal ramifications for NBC for bumping Conan to midnight? Maybe! And there's about $40 million at stake. [Reuters]
  • Tila Tequila wants custody of Casey Johnson's adopted daughter Ava. Right now, Casey's mother has custody of Ava, but Tila says: "Her last wish was to have Ava, have me have Ava." And: "She's not resting in peace right now. She has come to me in my dreams." [Extra]
  • TMZ has a copy of Casey Johnson's death certificate, because this is the world we live in. [TMZ]
  • Someone from Radar asked Tila Tequila to talk about the moment she discovered Casey Johnson had died. The result is this rambling sobbing exploitative and excruciating four minute video you do NOT need to watch. But she found out from Joe Francis. [Radar Online]
  • Susan Sarandon and ping-pong club owner Jonathan Bricklin: Hanging out. [Page Six]
  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé were named the top-earning couple by Forbes. They raked in an estimated $122 million between June 2008 and June 2009. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Jersey Shore's Ronnie on fighting: "We can't walk away, we gotta do what we have to do." [Page Six]
  • Mike Tyson will be sitting with Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips from The Hangover at the Golden Globes on Sunday. [Page Six]
  • "The feeling around Hollywood lately is that Sandra Bullock has in some ways walked off with Julia Roberts' career… Can Julia Roberts come back on her own terms?" [LA Times]
  • Heidi Montag is on the cover of People, and the text reads: "Addicted To Plastic Surgery." Heidi says: "I'm beyond obsessed." [People]
  • Hef says the twins are moving out of the Playboy mansion. [E!]
  • Liev Schreiber didn't want to do Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge at first because he thought he was too young for the part — even though he's 42 and the character is 40. "But when I read it, I said, 'Jeez, this guy can write!'" [La Dolce Musto]
  • Paris Hilton's 20-year-old brother Barron Hilton was busted for DUI — and hitting a gas station employee — in 2008. He got his driver's license back yesterday and his dad bought him a black 2010 Mercedes E550 Coupe. Pretty lame, when you consider his 15-year-old brother Conrad drives a $200,000 Bentley (it's his dad's, though). [TMZ]
  • Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives Of The OC has released a song, "Nothing Without You," a power ballad with lots of synth. You can listen to it here. It's not terrible, but after listening to 30 seconds of it I already knew I never wanted to hear it again. So maybe it is terrible. Whatever. It's no "Tardy For the Party." [Radar Online]
  • Peter Sarsgaard is in negotiations to play the villain in Green Lantern; Ryan Reynolds plays the superhero. [Reuters]
  • Michelle Williams has fired her manager. And her manager? Is Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé's father. [Contact Music]
  • Sesame Street video games: Coming soon. [AP]
  • Congrats to Joey Fatone and wife Kelly, who have a newborn daughter, Kloey Alexandra Fatone. Yes. Kloey. [People]
  • The Vatican on Avatar: Hated it. [Mirror]
  • RuPaul has a new show coming to Logo called Drag U, in which "RuPaul and other drag queens apply fairy godmother dust to the looks and lives of people in need of a little assistance." [PR Newswire]
  • Adam Lambert will be on Oprah! He says meeting Ms. Winfrey makes him "happy as a clam." [Just Jared]
  • U2's The Edge is trying to build five houses on a ridge in in Malibu but the Sierra Club task force opposes his project, which, for some reason, is called Leaves In The Wind. And has its own website. Malibu resident, surfing legend and incoming mayor Zuma Jay argued that "yet another famous supposed environmental do-gooder was destroying what's left of paradise." [LA Times]
  • "Federal prosecutors closed a two-year rape investigation of magician David Copperfield on Tuesday without filing charges, and police in nearby Bellevue say his accuser made a false sexual assault claim against another man last month." [AP]
  • Two giraffes who once belonged to Michael Jackson and live at Neverland ranch have died; foul play is suspected. [TMZ]
  • "The Los Angeles Film Critics Assn. has named David Lynch's Mullholland Dr. the best film of the past decade." [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • What? The score for The Princess And The Frog is ineligible for an Oscar? [Variety]
  • "I think you got to know when it's time to go, you know about over-exposure, Ryan — I'm on TV too much. I genuinely thought people would be sick and tired of me." — Simon Cowell to Ryan Seacrest on quitting American Idol. [Mirror]
  • "I believed then and I believe now that it's important the public understand how much influence in collusion big government and big business can have in affecting how the news is handled. And that should not be." — Dan Rather, whose legal battle with CBS ended yesterday when NY State Court of Appeals declined his case. [LA Times]
  • "I don't flirt. It's disrespectful to your husband. I would never do that. I'm very devoted, and he's the same." — Heidi Klum, who looks awesome on the cover of In Style. [People via InStyle]
  • "I'm really trying to do this pop star [thing], my first album… But one day I would love to have kids. I don't know if Spencer quite feels the same way." — Heidi Montag. [Us Magazine]
  • "It's almost like I grow more rapidly as an artist than people can keep up with, if that makes any sense. So by the time you're reading an interview or you're watching a television performance, I'm already, like, years beyond, creatively, in the world somewhere. That can be confusing for people, I think. There can be a slight disconnect from what I proclaim about my music and what people are hearing and seeing. But that's OK; I'd rather be ahead than behind, and people seem to be keeping up, which I'm very grateful for." — Lady Gaga. [Daily Tribune]
  • "It's always been a result of people around me saying, 'Oh, that's so very (David) Bowie of you. That's very Queen of you. That's very Warhol of you. That's quite Madonna of you.' Then I say, 'Ah, Warhol... ' and I go into my Warhol file and I do research and then I make more music and I design more shows. It's like a constantly feeding your brain kind of thing and using that to get new ideas." — Lady Gaga. [Daily Tribune]

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CNN was on when I came home yesterday. Wolf Blitzer was interviewing the Haitian Ambassador to the U.S. and asked him possibly the most moronic question I have ever heard: Are the buildings in Haiti able to withstand this kind of earthquake?

I wanted to jump through the TV and punch him in his stupid mouth. People in Haiti regularly eat DIRT to stave off hunger. WTF do you think, Blitzer‽

And I know some people aren't fans of Brangelina, etc. (or the fact that they publicly pledge their support instead of just giving it), but it's nice to see they're willing to jump in. We can, too.

Jean's charity:

Doctor's Without Borders:

International Red Cross: