"Did You Give Him A Chance To Impress You?"

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Writer John Ptak has posted 1940s Ladies Home Journal piece that instructs young women on date conduct. The response of Ptak's 17-year-old daughter? "It was simply beyond listening to...and certainly not anywhere near worthy of a response." [LongStreet via BoingBoing]


I dunno...most of the advice wasn't sooo crazy. Most of it seemed like Social Skills 101 - don't be late, don't talk about things your companion isn't likely to be able respond to (e.g. lipstick), don't engage in malicious gossip, don't be a dead fish if your companion asks for suggestions.

Some of it was prissy - no parking, wear the 'right' clothes, act like a lady - but not unlike lots of advice these days. If I'm being charitable, even 'let him run things' and 'let him impress you' aren't so bad, if he asked the woman out. Not if he's her guest, obviously.

Some of it was actually better than some recent dating guides. This one at least acknowledges that sometimes ladies ask a gent on a date, and instructs girls to try to make their dates laugh. 'The Rules' told women to supress their senses of humor so as not to intimidate men and to never ask a man out.