Jenny Sanford: "Nobody Wants Their Children To Read Smut Like That About Their Father...From Their Father."

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On last night's 20/20, Jenny Sanford sat down with Barbara Walters to discuss her husband's affair and the subsequent toll the extremely public fallout took on their marriage and their children. Clip after the jump.


Sanford notes that the e-mails, which her children have read, were the final straw that caused her to leave the marriage, and that though Sanford has tried to reconcile with her, she is determined to get divorced:

When asked by Walters if she knows whether Sanford is still in touch with his mistress from Argentina, Sanford insists she doesn't want to know, because she wants to move on. "I would say that I have acted honorably in our marriage," she says, "and I've been the best wife I can be. But now I'm looking forward to whatever comes next."

Jenny Sanford On Decision To Divorce [ABCNews]



I think it would help all marriages and society in general if we placed realistic views on monogamy. The idea that two people are going to satisfy each other in every aspect for the rest of their lives is pure fantasy. That pair bondings have worked for so long if they ever did was mostly because of the ABSOLUTE dependency women had on their husbands for so much of history. I think apart of what makes me so proud to be a gay man is that I approach relationships with realistic expectations I know I may not satisfy my partner in every possible way which is why I want us to be OPEN and HONEST about all aspects of our relationship and if a third party needs to come in to spice things up that is not something that is going to drive me off because I would much prefer any other person be relationship approved than behind my back as my partner sneaks around on me. I realize heterosexual women have been dealing with infidelity for years and I commend any who say screw that I am walking but I think heterosexual relationships could use to reflect on the state of their marriages and whether or not the institution is realistic.