Creator Of Crotch Perfume Claims "Vulva Is Real"

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Saul Pullivan from Vice spoke with the CEO of the German company that makes Vulva, a perfume that smells like sensual woman - or sweaty horse pee, depending on who you ask. So is this guy for real?


Vulva sounds like a joke, but, as we demonstrated two and a half years ago, it is not. Guido Lenssen firmly believes that he has captured the elusive smell that can be used to "enhance a situation" with a partner and will "add another dimension" to DVD-watching. His company describes Vulva on the website as a "beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure" they stress it is not actually a perfume). Lenssen created the perfume-that's-not-a-perfume to address the lack of smell-based sex aids on the market. But in contrast to most sex toys, his scent is genuine:

Almost everything on the sex market is based on fantasy. The toys are plastic, the movies use actors. Vulva is real. We tried several samples from women of all ages. We didn't take the scent after someone had run a marathon or anything, but it is a combination of urine, sweat, and female arousal.

Sounds authentic, but urine? Is that really necessary?

Pullivan uncovers another fun fact: Lenssen says the samples were taken from only one woman, the blonde featured on their website. Lenssen reveals that they tested out a variety of women, but she had the best smell, adding, "when you smell it you will know it will come from a young woman." We fear this strange sentiment may make it into the next cover lies, Cosmo edition: Can your man smell your REAL age down there? Fortunately, if you're worried about it, Vulva has got you covered.

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A Small Turnip

For those of you wondering when the male version of this is going to be issued, I believe Tom Ford's eponymous men's scent has pretty much got this covered. Its primary note is cypriol, a highly animalic-smelling oil derived from a Indian milkweed root. It smells, to put it bluntly, like wood and willy.

The advert for it (phenomenally NSFW, so it's under the click) tells you everything you need to know. And then some.